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"Longevity secret" of Asphalt Mobile Crusher Plant

You're right! Parts! As long as the normal use of each component is ensured, the equipment can run the whole process and improve the service life. Secret 1: choose equipment according to hardness.

Wear resistance of different equipment parts is different, choose the right material accessories can be efficient to complete the operation, if the hard stone choose the crushing soft material equipment, the crushing speed will be slower and slower, crushing capacity will be relatively weakened, therefore, we must choose the right material according to the characteristics of the material to be broken. Parts and components.

Cheats two: apply lubricant to accessories

The particle size requirement is proportional to the wear severity of the moving crusher. The smaller the particle size requirement is, the longer the material crushes in the moving crusher, the more direct friction of the rest of the components will be, and the worse the wear degree will be. If the customer has a high requirement for product size and does not want to break for a long time to affect the life of the product, then choose this method - smearing lubricant, can greatly reduce wear and tear.

Cheats three: check whether parts are loose in advance

Do not think that wear and tear not serious will increase the life of equipment, wear and tear is only one of them, Asphalt Mobile Crusher Plant before starting small parts inspection is necessary to do. For some materials with high hardness, if the bolts and nuts are not checked before starting the machine, it is likely to cause parts to fall off or break. Therefore, attention should be paid to the tightening of small parts of the moving crusher.

For how to improve the life of Asphalt Mobile Crusher Plant "secret book", far more than the above points, but also according to specific equipment to specific analysis of the situation, if there are different doubts, can click online consultation, 7 * 24 hours dedicated to your service.

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