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Customer's Background:

Coal, solid combustible organic rock, nicknamed black gold, shows its important industrial value, after a series of crushing processing, can be used in power generation, metallurgy, life, industrial boilers, steam locomotives, steel and many other fields. For coal crushing, we choose mobile Coal Crusher Plant, mature structure, craftsmanship, so that you with less investment, higher returns, China's coal industry to make greater contributions!

Structure analysis of mobile Coal Crusher Plant

The mobile Coal Crusher Plant, literally understood, is different from the fixed type of traditional coal Coal Crusher Plant to define, its unit integration, centralized feeding, crushing, screening, transportation as one, can move freely, mainly by the crushing system, feeding system, conveying system, screening system and other common components, structure. Rationalization of design.

Mobile Coal Crusher Plant investment is smaller

Mobile Coal Crusher Plant, equivalent to a complete coal crushing production line, can also serve as a small coal crushing workshop, compared with the complex foundation of the fixed production line steel frame structure combination, and a large area, its capital investment costs will be reduced considerably; in addition, the equipment itself will be less than a fixed coal crushing price investment. The production line is about 15%-20%. Therefore, in general, mobile Coal Crusher Plant investment is smaller and more worth looking forward to.

Highlight of mobile Coal Crusher Plant

  • 1. Comprehensive and powerful crushing function, coal crushing more fully, crushing particle size more uniform, more distinct particle size;
  • 2. Vehicle-mounted machine formation, free movement, overcome mountain, bad coal crushing site, more flexible to adapt to the occasion;
  • 3, save electricity, save water, high efficiency and high yield, and solve the problem of crushing high water content of coal.
  • 4, environmental protection, green, pollution-free, automatic design, operation is simpler.

Mobile Coal Crusher Plant gains higher

The mobile Coal Crusher Plant has more complete crushing function, more professional and thorough crushing coal. The processed coal has uniform particle size, less impurities and excellent quality. It has a better market price, considerable economic value and a remarkable profit for users. The following is the feedback from a project manager of a large coal mine in Shanxi.

Our company has been engaged in coal mining and crushing projects for many years, and has automatically purchased the mobile Coal Crusher Plant designed by SBM manufacturer. It can be said that we have saved a lot of production troubles. The equipment works smoothly, efficiently and high-yielding. After three years of use, there are almost no failures. At the same time, it is more energy-saving, environmental protection, in line with the state. Green coal mining conditions create many economic benefits for our company project.

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