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Mobile Concrete Crushing Machine configuration, production capacity, the number of quotes.

The Mobile Concrete Crushing Machine is a kind of crushing production line which can walk flexibly. It is mainly used to deal with mineral materials in flowing materials, construction waste, difficult to transport and complex working environment. The Mobile Concrete Crushing Machine is a kind of vehicle-mounted device. All the equipments needed for processing materials are assembled on the same vehicle-mounted device and can be moved at any time. It has been widely applied now.

One. Configuration of Mobile Concrete Crushing Machine

Mobile Concrete Crushing Machine configuration is more flexible, according to the driving mode, crusher configuration of the different division of the following more commonly used several.

  • 1. Tyre type; Tyre type Mobile Concrete Crushing Machine is driven by wear-resistant tires. Like ordinary automobiles, the crusher runs fast, expandable and telescopic operation, complete set and high degree of automation.
  • 2, crawler type; crawler type Mobile Concrete Crushing Machine equipped with high-strength wear-resistant crawler, low chassis, strong stability, good at climbing operation, can adapt to more complex environment.
  • 3, conical; conical Mobile Concrete Crushing Machine core crushing equipment is conical crusher, mainly used to deal with high and medium hardness mineral materials, can be single-machine operation, special for medium and fine crushing, can also be multi-machine joint operation, coarse, medium and fine crushing processing.
  • 4, counterattack type; counterattack Mobile Concrete Crushing Machine equipped with counterattack crusher, counterattack crusher has impact effect, can crush more solid granular products, the whole machine is more flexible and durable.
  • 5, jaw type; jaw type moving crusher is more common, the core crusher is jaw type crusher, because of its strong operational capacity, high capacity, common in the major gravel yards, construction, construction waste treatment and other fields.

Two, the capacity of Mobile Concrete Crushing Machine

The production capacity of Mobile Concrete Crushing Machine varies with different configurations. There is no need to worry about the problem of production capacity. Mobile Concrete Crushing Machine can be configured according to the user's demand for production capacity. Take jaw Mobile Concrete Crushing Machine as an example, there are four types of Mobile Concrete Crushing Machine with capacity of 85-275t/h, 110-350t/h, 215-510t/h and 280-650t/h, respectively. Set the user's working conditions.

Three, how much is the Mobile Concrete Crushing Machine?

Mobile Concrete Crushing Machines are equipped with different equipment, the quotation is naturally different, the combination form is mainly based on the feeder model, crusher model, belt machine specifications, tire configuration, handling capacity and equipment size and weight of these parameters to set, different combinations, different quotations.

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