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Customer's Background:

The Mobile Granite Crushers is a kind of integrated crusher equipment composed of many equipments. The vehicle-mounted device can move at any time. The Mobile Granite Crushers has low requirements for the working site, especially the crawler Mobile Granite Crushers, which can adapt to more complex mountain operations. Mobile Granite Crushers equipped with high-power walking motor, strong horsepower, safe and reliable, has been widely used.

Modular assembly structure

The Mobile Granite Crushers adopts the ship-shaped steel frame structure, modular assembly structure, the crusher, screening machine, feeder, hoist and other equipment are closely matched, not affecting each other, the whole machine is compact in structure, can be configured into a tire-driven or crawler-driven, the chassis of the vehicle is low, driving more stable, due to the use of modular design, because of This machine can fold operation, adapt to different working environment, showing the ultra-high automation level of Mobile Granite Crushers.

Two. PLC control system

The Mobile Granite Crushers is equipped with PLC control system, which is a kind of programmable logic controller. It is a kind of digital operation electronic device specially designed for industrial production. It realizes remote control of production, basically realizes unmanned operation in field area, and can effectively control lube oil temperature and body pressure of Mobile Granite Crushers. Master the operation of the Mobile Granite Crushers immediately, in the event of abnormalities, can be found and resolved in time, improve the safety of production, to ensure a higher yield.

Three. Free flip, fold and expand jobs.

The Mobile Granite Crushers can realize the operation of turning, folding and expanding freely. It can adapt to different working environment and display super-strong adaptability. The Mobile Granite Crushers realizes the integration of the whole set of units, has strong performance, reasonable and compact combination, and has very low requirements for the working site. It can be allocated to all levels of crushing according to the requirements of users. Screening equipment, optimum design of the whole machine, fully ensure the quality, flexible and perfect configuration, to achieve automated production operations.

Four. Automatic design of bin door

The Mobile Granite Crushers is equipped with an automatic design silo door, the conveyor angle can be adjusted freely, the feeder can distribute the material freely, and the direction of the silo can be controlled in real time, so as to realize more refined feeding, improve operational efficiency, reduce labor costs, truly realize unmanned feeding, configure hydraulic lifting system and realize flexible operation. To meet the different requirements of customers and various operating conditions, more advanced solutions can be configured to optimize the combination of crushing and screening conveyor at all levels to meet the individual processing needs of users.

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