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The performance of Mobile Small Concrete Crusher affects the whole production process.

Mobile Small Concrete Crusher is an important crushing equipment, with large crushing ratio, high production efficiency and wide range of use. It is involved in building materials, mines, highways, railways and other industrial fields. It is in the key position in the major production lines. The performance of Mobile Small Concrete Crusher affects the entire production process.

Recently, many users wonder why the Mobile Small Concrete Crusher in the use of the process of high frequency of failure problems, affecting the quality of production, Mobile Small Concrete Crusher experts for you to introduce some of the use of Mobile Small Concrete Crusher when some small skills, can help users reduce some problems.

Reasonable assembly

The distance between the movable jaw and the fixed jaw of the Mobile Small Concrete Crusher should be set reasonably, the bolts and nuts should be firmly fixed, the parts should be prevented from loosening and falling off, the crushing plates should not be easily worn out, the noise in the production process should be eliminated, and the equipment should be prolonged. The service life is reduced and the production cost is reduced.

Start up preparation

After the production line is completed, the preparation for the start-up of the Mobile Small Concrete Crusher is needed. This process can not be omitted. It can check whether the preparation before is adequate and reasonable, and can also ensure the safety of the follow-up production. It is divided into two processes:

1. Before using, carefully check whether the bearing lubrication is good, firmware is fixed between good, check the transmission device, feed port, discharge port, conveyor and other important components.

2. Unloaded trial run should be carried out after the preparation, keep the equipment running continuously for 2 hours, observe whether abnormal phenomena occur, check that each part can be in normal operation; unloaded trial run should be carried out after unloading to check whether the material's feeding capacity and discharging capacity meet the relevant design requirements.

Regular maintenance

In the process of using, the lubricating device is often observed, the lubricating friction is done well, the running continuity of the Mobile Small Concrete Crusher is ensured, the lubricating oil is replaced every four months or so according to the suitable type of lubricating oil added to the outside air temperature, and the raceway of the bearing is also cleaned when replacing.

At the same time of lubrication, Mobile Small Concrete Crushers also need to do regular maintenance, every three months on the external device for minor maintenance, a year or so to check and repair the lining and lamina, about five years to replace the eccentric shaft and internal parts.

Regular maintenance of the equipment can properly prolong the service life of the equipment, eliminate major failures, enhance the safety and stability of the market process, in addition to these, users in the production process, to operate strictly in accordance with the instructions.

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