Cement Manufacturing Process Flow Chart

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Cement Manufacturing Process Machine Solution

Cement Manufacturing Process Machine has low wind temperature

If the Cement Manufacturing Process Machine slag flap valve weight activity is not flexible, the flap can not be effectively closed, has been in the open state, causing serious cold wind phenomenon, directly affecting the mill temperature. In this regard, Cocoa cleans all the bearings of the flap valve and adds new grease, so that the flap valve can be flexibly switched to solve the problem of running cold air. The wind temperature can be controlled at around 80 °C to ensure movement. The normal production of the crusher.

Product fineness

For the problem that the product fineness runs coarsely, the width of the guide plate can be widened to reduce the gap between the guide plate and the rotor, so that the product fineness is always controlled within the index range.

The unloading material in the warehouse is unevenly milled, causing the Cement Manufacturing Process Machine to stop

For the purpose of balanced control of the amount of material discharged from the outer warehouse, an electronic speed-regulating belt scale is newly added between the unloading nozzle and the outer belt conveyor of the outer warehouse, and the control signal is sent to the central control room. When the system is started and running normally, the central control room sets a certain amount of material to be discharged and opens the belt scale. The belt scale is responsible for feeding the material of the outer discharge bin into the Cement Manufacturing Process Machine according to the equal amount of material set by the central control room. Thereby controlling the uniformity of the material entering the Cement Manufacturing Process Machine, and ensuring the normal operation of the raw material grinding system.

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