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Clay Brick Making Machine bearing lubrication maintenance method

The bearings of the Clay Brick Making Machine main shaft should be guaranteed to be buttered once a day. Be sure to use high-quality butter. Inferior butter will cause oil residue and increase bearing wear.

The analyzer is to be disassembled and cleaned every six months. When the new machine is used, there will be certain iron scrap particles falling in the running part of the Clay Brick Making Machine and the gears. In order not to make the Clay Brick Making Machine wear too fast, the oil should be changed once a week after starting the machine. Lubricate the time limit of the watch. Each time the oil is changed, the old oil should be drained and the inside cleaned with kerosene or diesel. After washing, drain the oil and inject new lubricant.

At the same time, attention should be paid to the oil level. The moving device of the Clay Brick Making Machine takes the oil window off the line as the oil level, analyzes the oil pool, and raises the oil level of the chassis not to be half of the unmarked. The upper bearing of the same transmission and the analysis oil sump is lubricated by the screw oil pump installed therein, and the direction of rotation thereof cannot be mistaken, the steering is reversed, the oil pump does not work, and the Clay Brick Making Machine bearing has no oil. The oil should be filtered before filling the oil, and the grease mouth should be cleaned to avoid the introduction of sand when adding oil. The working conditions of the grinding roller assembly are particularly harsh, and the bearings should be lubricated and cleaned regularly.

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