Fly Ash Concrete Grinding Mill

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Fly Ash Concrete Grinding Mill

The Fly Ash Concrete Grinding Mill runs smoothly and has a high production capacity, and the failure rate of the whole machine is low, and the grinding effect is remarkable. Before purchasing a Fly Ash Concrete Grinding Mill, users need to have a very detailed understanding of how it works and the price.

First, the working principle of Fly Ash Concrete Grinding Mill

The Fly Ash Concrete Grinding Mill is equipped with a professional silencer and dust removal device, so there will be no noise pollution and dust pollution during the grinding process. At the same time, the various components of the equipment have very good sealing performance. The iron removal device can effectively remove the iron impurities in the finished product and ensure the purity of the finished carbon black.

1. Start up and run, after the operation is stable, evenly feed

The Fly Ash Concrete Grinding Mill needs to run empty before the official feeding operation. After the equipment runs smoothly, the carbon black material is fed into the Fly Ash Concrete Grinding Mill host uniformly, quantitatively and continuously using a vibrating feeder or an electromagnetic vibrating feeder. Inside, the carbon black material at this time must be crushed and the particle size is acceptable.

2, grinding roller rotation, dispersion milling, powder collection

When the equipment starts to run, the internal grinding roller will swing around the grinding ring. The carbon black material entering the equipment will be scattered to the circumference of the circle under the action of centrifugal force, and then fall into the raceway, and the two-way extrusion of the grinding roller and the grinding ring. After being milled, it is fully broken. The carbon black material that has passed the grinding is blown into the classifier by the fan. After sorting, the qualified mineral powder enters the finished collector, and the unqualified carbon black powder falls into the grinding room. Grind until qualified.

Second, the price of Fly Ash Concrete Grinding Mill

Fly Ash Concrete Grinding Mill, the finished product size can be adjusted arbitrarily between 325 mesh and 4250 mesh, no wearing parts, safe and reliable.

What is the price of the Fly Ash Concrete Grinding Mill? There are many suppliers of Fly Ash Concrete Grinding Mills. The range of investors is very wide. It is recommended that users understand the actual situation of products and Fly Ash Concrete Grinding Mill suppliers, and then choose according to their own needs and cost control. Due to geographical location, if you buy ultra-fine grinding in Henan, which has a mechanical hometown, the price is relatively cheap. If you buy it elsewhere, the price is relatively expensive.

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