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Quarry Crusher jaw wear

Guide: In the use of the Quarry Crusher, the Quarry Crusher has worn out problems due to the friction of the material, etc., which affects its normal use, especially when the wear is increased, and the material size is obtained when it is severe. Not up to standard.

Because of the high work intensity, in the structure of the Quarry Crusher, the wear and tear of the static and dynamic jaws often occur, causing the Quarry Crusher to fail to operate normally and lose the crushing capacity. Wear can shorten the life of the machine and is very detrimental to its use.

In order to minimize the loss of the Quarry Crusher, the user should be scientific when selecting the Quarry Crusher model and select according to his actual situation. When selecting, you should also pay attention to the material of the crushing equipment. In order to select the appropriate equipment, the user must not blindly.

In addition, there are many problems in the wear of the seesaw, so maintenance is performed according to actual conditions. When the surface of the jaw and the Quarry Crusher are not stable, there will be wear; when the speed of the eccentric shaft is too fast, the broken material will not be removed, resulting in blockage of the crushing chamber and wear of the jaws; movable jaws and fixing If the angle between the jaws is too large, it will cause the wear of the jaws beyond the normal range; the material of the jaws of the Quarry Crusher itself is not enough for wear and tear, so it must be solved one by one.

In order to prevent the jaws of the Quarry Crusher from being worn quickly, certain measures must be taken. For the newly installed jaws, it must be fixed tightly to ensure smooth surface contact of the Quarry Crusher. In order to make the anti-wear effect better, a layer of plastic material can be placed between the surface of the jaw and the Quarry Crusher.

For the materials entering the Quarry Crusher, the user must carry out random inspection. Once the material properties have changed greatly, it is necessary to change the parameters in time to match the incoming materials; when the supplier selects the materials, the seesaw must be Materials with high hardness, wear resistance and high resistance should be selected; for worn slabs, users can use the method of surfacing to repair, but when the repair is unsuccessful, it should be replaced in time.

In the use of the Quarry Crusher, attention should be paid to the method of use, and the correctness of the method of use can also ensure that the Quarry Crusher has good wear resistance. Therefore, the user must ensure that the Quarry Crusher can be started after the normal operation of the Quarry Crusher, and avoid side loading or full loading to prevent unilateral overload or overload. Use it correctly and let the jaw crush bring you a whole new experience.

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