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How to prevent the Sand Washing Machine from being oxidized


Because the raw material of the Sand Washing Machine is made of metal such as steel, it is prone to oxidation after being exposed to the wind for a long time. However, when it is particularly oxidized, it will delay it. Production, so we must pay attention to it.

The Sand Washing Machine has a good market in recent years, and it is useful in mine mining, road construction, and water conservancy construction. Although it has many technical advantages, it still does not overcome a common problem of most mechanical equipment, which is oxidized.

The working conditions of the Sand Washing Machine are very bad, and with its own working principle, the Sand Washing Machine will have some wear inside and outside, and the oxidation will occur easily after prolonged placement. For a mechanical device such as a Sand Washing Machine, the oxidation reaction generally starts from the outer casing and then gradually extends to the inside of the device, accompanied by some appearance changes during the oxidation of the device. How should it prevent or mitigate this oxidized phenomenon?

Since the oxidized portion of the shell of the Sand Washing Machine device forms an oxide attached to the surface of the device, for example, after being oxidized, reddish-brown iron oxide is formed to adhere to the surface of the Sand Washing Machine device. When the Sand Washing Machine undergoes long-term wind and sun exposure, oxidation will further corrode the material inside, deeply affecting the production process.

The oxidation process of the Sand Washing Machine is complicated and long. Therefore, when using the crusher equipment, it is necessary to pay attention to the maintenance and maintenance of the equipment frequently, so that it can be well treated and the surface damage of the equipment can be checked in time. Do not expose the device to the air for a long time, or prevent it from further oxidation to a certain extent.

In addition, we can also apply anti-oxidant on the surface layer of the Sand Washing Machine, which will play a certain role to a certain extent. The surface of the steel is plated with a layer of metal that is not easily rusted by electroplating or hot plating. These metal surfaces can form a dense oxide film to prevent the iron product from rusting due to contact with water, air and the like. Apply mineral oil, paint or fired enamel, spray, etc. to the surface of iron products.

In the course of use, mechanical equipment must be maintained, and reasonable maintenance is also an anti-oxidation measure, which makes the Sand Washing Machine better for us.

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