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Extend the life of Stone Crushing Machine


How to deal with common problems in Stone Crushing Machine production

The fundamental factor in ensuring the good performance of the Stone Crushing Machine is the excellent sporting characteristics of the Stone Crushing Machine, which is obtained by means of the mechanism optimization design. Therefore, the optimized design of the Stone Crushing Machine mechanism is the fundamental method to ensure the good performance of the Stone Crushing Machine. With the optimization design module of the mechanism, the Stone Crushing Machine of various specifications is optimized, and the dynamic motion characteristics are obtained. The practical results show that the performance of the Stone Crushing Machine is significantly improved. Computers have been widely used by domestic suppliers, but the optimization design of Stone Crushing Machine has not been widely used. As a high-yield stone material equipment, the Stone Crushing Machine has a large throughput and is prone to blockage problems. In order to respond to the production rules of high-efficiency and low-energy enterprises, we went deep into the production site to investigate and analyze the causes of blockage of the Stone Crushing Machine.

In the production process of the Stone Crushing Machine, the power is transmitted to the sheave by the V-belt to crush the stone. When the cam belt is loose, it will rotate with the sheave and will not drive the sheave. A large amount of material cannot be pulverized in the crushing chamber, and is thus blocked in the crushing chamber and cannot be discharged. When the main bearing of the Stone Crushing Machine is damaged, the broken parts will not work, and a large amount of materials that cannot be crushed will not be discharged in the crushing chamber and will be blocked.

The motor of the Stone Crushing Machine requires a certain voltage to work properly. If the voltage is too low, even if the motor can rotate it, the power generated is not enough to crush the stone in the crushing chamber. At this time, a large amount of stone will be blocked in the crushing chamber, which will affect production. The eccentric shaft of the Stone Crushing Machine is an important part of the crushing chamber, which requires constant rotation to enable the crushing member to break. However, when the eccentric shaft tightening bushing is loose, the eccentric shaft is stuck and cannot be rotated any more, and the Stone Crushing Machine naturally cannot work. In the production process of the Stone Crushing Machine, the Stone Crushing Machine discharges material obstacles due to the slow discharge of the material or the blockage of the discharge port. In this way, a large amount of material is clogged in the crushing chamber, so that the Stone Crushing Machine cannot be stopped.

How can the Stone Crushing Machine be extended in service life?

The first is the selection of materials

White cast iron can be used as the material of the crushing plate. White cast iron has high hardness, good wear resistance, easy source and low price; the disadvantages are brittleness, easy breakage and short service life. In order to improve the service life of the crushing plate, the material is preferably made of manganese steel containing more than 12% manganese, and ZGMn13 is commonly used. The disadvantage of manganese steel is that it is more expensive, but from the aspects of service life and cost, ZGMn13 has longer service life and lower cost than white cast iron.

Then assembly

The crushing plate must be firmly attached to the jaw plate, and the two should be leveled. The soft metal (such as lead, zinc, etc.) should be used as a gasket between the crushing plate and the Stone Crushing Machine and fastened with bolts. When the Stone Crushing Machine is working, the crushing plate should not be loose, otherwise it will easily break or wear the crushing plate and reduce the service life of the crushing plate. Therefore, the crushing plate must be installed during assembly to extend the service life of the crushing plate.

After the use of the process of attention, the crushing plate and material directly play, the crushing force is very large, especially when crushing the material with high hardness, the bolts of the installed crushing plate vibrate, the nut is loose, the wear of the crushing plate is intensified and the pole is generated. Large noise, when the broken plate is broken or broken, the equipment will be shut down, which will affect normal production. In this case, just tightening the bolts and nuts before starting the machine can not completely solve the problem. It is necessary to analyze the specific problems according to the actual situation on the spot, and find a practical way to solve the problem.

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