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Track Crusher crushing cavity


The Track Crusher is an early crushing device. Because of its simple structure, firmness, reliable work, easy maintenance and overhaul, and relatively low production and construction costs, it is still widely used in metallurgy, chemical industry, building materials, electricity, Industrial sectors such as transportation are used to crush coarse, medium and fine crushed various ores and rocks with compressive strengths ranging from 147 to 245 MPa. In recent years, our factory has specially developed a powerful Track Crusher to meet the needs of crushing high-strength, high-hardness micro-carbon ferrochrome in metallurgical, mining, construction and other industrial sectors.

Scope of application: Track Crusher is mainly used for medium-size crushing of various ores and bulk materials, and is widely used in mining, smelting, building materials, roads, railways, water conservancy and chemical industries. The high compressive strength of the crushed material is 320 MPa.

Performance characteristics: large crushing ratio, uniform product size, simple structure, reliable work, easy maintenance and low operating costs.

Working principle: When working, the motor drives the eccentric shaft to rotate through the pulley, so that the moving ring is periodically close to and away from the fixed boring, so that the material has multiple crushing, smashing, grinding, etc., so that the material becomes larger and smaller, and gradually falls until Discharge from the discharge opening.

What factors should be considered when designing the crushing cavity of a Track Crusher?

The crushing of the material by the Track Crusher is realized by the impact and extrusion of the two jaws on the material, and the jaws of the Track Crusher and the fixed side plates form the crushing chamber. . When designing the crushing cavity, the shape of the crushing cavity must be determined reasonably. There are many factors to be considered in this process. The factors affecting the design of the crushing cavity are analyzed below.

Material properties

The properties of the material include density, strength and hardness. For materials with high brittleness, high strength and high hardness, because of their small elastic deformation, only a small deformation is required to be broken, but the force required for unit deformation is large. Conversely, for materials with low strength and low toughness, the amount of elastic deformation is large, so the force required for unit deformation is small.

For materials with high viscosity and easy to jam, a small-stroke, small-angle crusher should be used. The shape of the teeth and the shape of the teeth should be designed according to the product size and the characteristics of the material to be crushed.

Feed size and product size

The size of the feed port of the crushing chamber and the size of the discharge port are determined according to the feed size, product size and size composition. Generally, the feed port size is 1.25~2 times of the large feed size, and the small discharge port gap is not It is less than 2.5~3.0 times of the moving stroke at the discharge port. When the size of the feed port and the size of the discharge port fluctuate within a suitable range, the crusher is in a good condition and the crushing effect is good.

Equipment operating parameters

The working parameters of the Track Crusher, such as the swinging frequency and the swinging stroke of the jaw, have a great influence on the choice of the shape of the crushing chamber and the design of the shape of the lower part of the crushing chamber. For hard materials, the swinging stroke of the moving jaw should be appropriately smaller. If the product size is required to be fine, then the swinging stroke and the swing frequency of the moving one should be selected to meet the requirements. Only by fully considering the influence of the above factors on the design of the crushing cavity, the reasonable value of these factors, combined with the production situation of the crusher factory, can design a good crushing cavity shape and improve the efficiency of the crusher.

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